Professional Portfolio

Here you can find all of my professional work, including freelance work and work done for an employer.

Hearts Health Club

The client was a women’s-only gym that provided fitness classes and beauty products for women of all ages. I was asked to produce a newsletter to be displayed in the gym and emailed to their members. I was also asked to help promote new classes and products through social media posts on the Hearts Facebook and Instagram pages.

This project require me to conduct in-depth research into women’s fitness and gym equipment to produce content in a tone of voice that matched the gym’s friendly and welcoming image.

James Harker Films

The client provided wedding videography services and asked me to improve the content displayed on the company website and provide translations into Spanish of all website content.

My focus was on making the copy feel both concise and personal, improving the site’s SEO through the use of keywords realted to the industry.

The Client was very pleased with the final copy and my enchacments contributed to an incerease in bookings and inquieries from international couples.

My content can be found across the James Haker Films website.


As per my role as a Volunteer translator at Graalonline, I was tasked with improving the instructional content on the Game developer’s image uploading webpage. Since this webpage received traffic from a diverse range of international users, I also managed the translation of the page into French, Spanish and several other languages.

My main focus was to produce clear, easy-to-read instructional copy that could be easily understood by audiences whose first language may not be one of those provided on the webpage.

Madrid Ministry of Education

As per my role as an English Language Assistant, I was asked to create a teaching portfolio and a pedogogical article that showcased one of the teaching methodologies employed in the Madrid school system. The article was to be published and presented to future teaching staff across the Madrid region.

My main objective while creating the content was to promote the Education ministry’s “Bilingüismo project through consise and clear content that could be easily understood by a range of different audiences, including those whose native language may not be English. I also focused on the use of visual media in the article to aid in the audience’s understanding of the content.

Personal Projects

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