Whether it’s a snappy sentence or a brilliant headline, I have always been obsessed by the power of language.

Born in the outskirts of Liverpool, I was the quiet child in a chaotic family of eight. Desperate to escape my loud siblings and the hideous 90’s carpet that flooded my childhood home, I spent my early years lost in the GooseBumps books.

I’m unsure why, but something about R. L. Stine’s creepy literary worlds sparked a creative fire inside me that still blazes on today.

I would spend many evenings using the kitchen table as my writer’s station as wrote my own Goosebumps stories, intent on becoming the next Steven King.

At high school, I began studying French and Spanish for the first time, and it was then that my fasination with language and linguistics truely began.

I remember struggling to read Lorca’s La Casa de Bernada Alba and being both fasinated and intimidated by his extraordinary literary prowess. Soon enough I would find that studying foreign writing like that of Lorca’s could open the doors to a linguistic landscape filled with creativity and imagination unbeknown to the monolingual mind.

In 2016, I went on to study French and Hispanic languages at the University of Liverpool. My studies focused on history, translation, linguistics and creative writing. In those 4 years of study I learnt how to approach complex ideas and subjects in my writing and adadpt them for a variety of languages and cultures different to my own.

After (digitally) graduating at the height of the pandemic, I felt in need of a new adventure. I decided to apply to teach English language and literature through the British Council, and, after several interviews, I received a position in a school in Madrid.

My experience there was unforgettable. I had never worked with children before, so trying to produce written pedgogical material for infants as young as 3 years old was certainly a challenge. But soon enough, I found myself being able being able to showcase my love for the English langauge to my students and fellow staff with great confidence.

One of my highlights was being able to publish a series of pedagogical articles and blogs for the Spanish Misitry of Eductaion to aid non-native English Speakers with their teaching of English literature.

Now living in London, my language journey continues.

I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!